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Service and Support

Standard Hardware Maintenance Program

In the Standard Maintenance Program you will have the benefit of having a Support Technician available to replace or repair defective parts. The coverage for the Standard Maintenance Program is Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The benefits of this program are as follows:

  • A Service Technician will return a phone call within 15 minutes of receiving notice of a problem in the store.
  • Service Technician will make arrangements to be in your store as soon as is possible to affect repairs or replacement of defective part. Generally calls received in the morning are responded to same day. Calls placed in the afternoon, unless store is completely down, are responded to by the next morning.
  • The Service Technician has the backing of Software Support Technicians so that all problems can be corrected during service call.
  • All existing POS equipment currently in the store will be covered under the maintenance price quoted.
  • Annual maintenance cost - Quoted by store


Service due to the following causes may result in additional charges: an alteration or attachment to the Products not approved by RSS in writing; any third party’s negligence; misuse or abuse, including a failure to operate the Products in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications; movement or servicing of the Products by any party other than RSS; failure of products not maintained by RSS; improper use of or failure to use supplies; use of supplies or third party products not meeting the manufacturer’s specifications, this includes virus protection for the server, or any computer that interfaces to the internet; if applicable, use of certain Products above designated levels; fire originating outside of Products; water; severe power spikes, acts of God; and damage ordinarily covered by insurance.

RSS may in its discretion charge for service calls for Products in good operating condition including, but not limited to, non-Product related failures and service calls placed when there has been no failure.

Support Contacts

Joseph Coles
Technical Support

Corporate Headquarters
Phone: 801.528.5179

Jason Geris
Technical Support

Northern California Division
Phone: 530.240.5672